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PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:53 pm 

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Annual dick swinging contest in which we are showing our shortcomings. Seniors of levels 8 and above from St Trinians

Gitschin OG 8 J
Guam OG 8 J
Denneweiz DT 9 Q
Muta IB 9 Q
Rathenow RB 11 Q
Wattignies WR 11 Q
Embata DE 11 Q
Komatsu K 11 J
Carrigal C 12 E
Nikko OB 12 Q
Rhodes RB 15 E
Danzig DT 15 E


PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 4:09 pm 
All Pro
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Joined: Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:55 pm
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League: GCAA
Team: Monterey Pythons
MONTEREY BAY Technical Institute PYTHONS
Graduating Class s26

Last season we said "It's great that things change so fast - always keeps it interesting!"
This season's 'fast change' has not been in any way 'interesting' - it is a disaster.

After three successive Bowl seasons, combined as 28-2, successive bad recruiting results have started to bit HARD.
Not only was s26 the Pythons' worst ever, it is probably heading for one, probably two, maybe three seasons of the same.

The Graduating Class of s25 left the campus in an open-topped hovercraft full of eels wearing in Victory Bowl rings.
One or two Victory rings are graduating here too, but they are leaving town at night in a hay trailer pulled by a tow truck.

Last of the Diamonds:

L15 52-00-44 ELITE
L8 75-00-25 Q
Off-field: Steals lupins from the rich, gives lupins to the poor. Crashes parties.
On-field: One of the devastating Python Spread Offense WRs. Started in the Ribbon Bowl s24 and Victory Bowl s25. Very much a lone star in the crash season of s26.
Stats: 32 start veteran. 2824 rec. yds, 20 TDs.
Awards: CEN PENNANTS s24, s25. VICTORY BOWL s25. BLUE RIBBON BOWL starter s24.
Career Highlight: 352 yds vs Aarhus. s26 w5.
Pre-conversion Pro Potential: FIRST ROUND PICK.
Post-conversion Pro Potential: Lost Elite, decent first.

ROUND 1 pick 11 by Gotham City Heroes, League G
Comment: Always knew Dennis Moore was a Hero!

L16 00-26-67 ELITE
L8 00-30-70 Q
Off-field: Name is an easter-egg, from the titles of a MPFC episode - anagram of the late great Graham Chapman.
On-field: If defense were given anything remotely approaching a FAIR CHANCE in this simulation, Pachman would have been a Gridiron Giant, a terror of opposing offenses,
an MLB crushing runs and breaking all short passes. But in GCAA, he's about as impactful as a wet beer mat.
Stats: 18 start Veteran. 121 tackles, 2 FFs, 1 INT, 1 TD.
Awards: CEN PENNANTS s24, s25. VICTORY BOWL starter & winner s25.
Career Highlight: 18 tackles, s26 w2 v Croxley Green.
Pre-conversion Pro Potential: FIRST ROUND PICK.
Post-conversion Pro Potential: Low first thank to loss of Elite, but still first.

ROUND 1 pick 27 by Thames Valley Terror, League G
Comment: Embarrassed that his lesser college co-IB was drafted not only higher than him, but higher in the same league, despite being 3 levels lower!!

K Roger the SHRUBBER
L11 00-50-50 ELITE
L5 00-50-50 Q
Off-field: Arranges designs and sells shrubberies despite considerable economic difficulties.
On-field: Low in all time for points thanks to the crash, but finished #3 all-time (from top 80) in kickoff average.
Stats: 220 pts, 33/48 FGs (69%), 121/125 PATs, 64.6 KO avg.
Awards: CEN PENNANT s24, s25. BLUE RIBBON BOWL kicker (10 pts) s24. VICTORY bowl kicker/winner, (10 pts) s25.
Career Highlight: 20 points in Bowls.
Pre-conversion Pro Potential: Do elite kickers ever go to drafts? Round Three???
Post-conversion Pro Potential: A potential Hall of Famer was badly fkd by conversion. Dropped to Quality, dropped 6 levels. Midrounds.

ROUND 5 pick 8 by Marylebone Meerkats, League A
Comment: Dropped to 5th Round, but still the #1 kicker taken in his league.

L11 29-00-59 Quality
L5 25-00-75 J
Off-field: For sheer pointless behaviour you've got to admire Brian Broomers, the battling British boy who for two weeks was been suspended over a tin of condemned veal.
On-field: Took over vacant Slot position on graduation of Grimsby Urquart-Wright (now Ventura), one of the Spread WR quartet for the Victory Bowl campaign.
Stats: 19 start VETERAN, 1117 yds, 5 TDs.
Awards: CEN PENNANT s25. VICTORY BOWL starter/winner s25.
Career Highlight: 207 rec yds v TAU s26 w4.
Pre-conversion Pro Potential: Second round?
Post-conversion Pro Potential: Yet another fine player fkd by losing 6 levels and potential. Boosted (due to lack of supply) to super-high Tech. Nickelbacks rarely
attract any interest until R6-7, and only if high level.

ROUND 3 pick 29 by Black Mtn. Thunderbirds, League C
Comment: Looks like nickelbacks are now currency in Pro Grid, because instead of being
'undrafted' he went in the low 3rd round!

Expected pre-conversion to be Low-Rounds fodder:

L9 29-15-47 Quality IRONMAN
L5 25-20-55 Q
Off-field: Named after poet Shelley, but keeps getting last name missed off.
On-field: A hugely wasted career - failed to grow enough to threaten to be a viable option ahead of the Spread. Pointless ironman.
Stats: 5 appearances, 27 mins.
Awards: CEN PENNANT s23.
Career Highlight: 2 Special Teams tackles v Aarhus, s25 w5.
Pre-conversion Pro Potential: Low rounds.
Post-conversion Pro Potential: Quite a friendly conversion - good Tech and Quality makes this low ronder into a 3rd.

ROUND 2 pick 9 by Atlanta Massacre, League D
Comment: Suspect it was the Quality tag rather than the 55T that took him to the high 2nd round.
Hope he gets the career he never got in college.

L8 36-13-36 Quality
L4 35-35-30 Q
Off-field: Sofa slug of the Most Awful Family In Britain. Eats huge quantities of baked beans.
On-field: Yes, not one, but TWO wasted qualities on no-progress, no start TEs.
Stats: 2 appearances.
Awards: CEN PENNANT s23.
Career Highlight: 2 appearences.
Pre-conversion Pro Potential: Low Rounds at best.
Post-conversion Pro Potential: Awful conversion. Only Quality saving this from R8 & heading for FA Pool.

ROUND 2 pick 24 by Basingstoke Venom, League D
Comment: Kidding? Flat QST TE goes in the Fourth? A 50S TE went only 3 picks earlier!
Maybe heading for as few pro appearances as in college...

OG Keith SLY
L8 38-48-00 Quality
L4 35-65-00 J
Off-field: Member of The Donkeys who married singing star Charisma in a case of mistaken identity but was divorced after 8 minutes.
On-field: Occasional backup for the OL which made the holes for Smith-Smythe-Smith in s25, but rather low quality as a starter in s26.
Stats: 12 starts, 17 apps.
Awards: CEN PENNANT s25. VICTORY BOWL winner s25.
Career Highlight: Being on the field with the legendary RB Triple-S.
Pre-conversion Pro Potential: Low rounds.
Post-conversion Pro Potential: Lost qual, but perfect QST = 4th round.

ROUND 4 pick 31 by Miami Destruction, League C
Comment: Fourth, but low, so went to a team where he may one day win honors.

IB Ken Clean-Air SYSTEMS
L10 00-27-67 Quality
L5 00-20-80 Q
Off-field: Great white hope of British boxing from Reigate. jogs the forty-seven miles from his two-bedroomed, eight-bathroom, six-up-two-down, three-to-go-house in Reigate, to the Government's Pesticide Research Centre at Shoreham. Nobody knows why.
when one of his stick insects had a knee infection. He stayed up all night rubbing it with germoline and banging its head on the table. Ken gets up at three o'dock, then goes back to bed again because it's far too early.
At seven o'clock Ken gets up, he has a quick shower, a rub-down, gets into his track-suit, and goes back to bed again. The great thing about Ken (says his coach) is that he is almost totally stupid.
On-field: Excellent. Has been a high-quality player, seems to pull his weight even in the shadow of Elite IB Pachman who was recruited at the same time.
Stats: 10 starts, 27 apps(!). 353 mins. 39 tackles, 1 FF, 2 sacks.
Awards: CEN PENNANTS s23, s24, s25. VICTORY BOWL winner s25.
Career Highlight: 5 tackles v Helsinki, s25 w9.
Pre-conversion Pro Potential: Somehow got perfect QST when identical-QST Pachman only got 70. High second?
Post-conversion Pro Potential: High two, possible borderline Round one if supply poor.

ROUND ONE pick 25 by Brooklyn Breakers, League G
Comment: Humiliated his fellow IB, Elite Hamrag Pachman by being drafted before him despite being 3 levels lower!

Journeymen who unexpectedly made it to the Draft

L7 64-00-29 Journeyman
L4 80-00-20 J
Off-field: Sensible Party candidate for the Harpenden Election Night Special, polled 26,318 votes and won thanks to a split in the Silly vote caused by Malcolm Peter Brian Telescope Adrian Umbrella Stand Jasper Wednesday (pops mouth twice) Stoatgobbler John Raw Vegetable (whinnying) Arthur Norman Michael (blows squeaker) Featherstone Smith (whistle) Northcott Edwards Harris (fires pistol, then 'whoop') Mason (chuff-chuff-chuff-chuff) Frampton Jones Fruitbat Gilbert (sings) 'We'll keep a welcome in the' (three shots) Williams If I Could Walk That Way Jenkin (squeaker) Tiger-drawers Pratt Thompson (sings) 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head' Darcy Carter (horn) Pussycat (sings) 'Don't Sleep In The Subway' Barton Mainwaring (hoot, 'whoop') Smith.
On-field: Another great success-story journeyman, not only getting time at NB but also a couple of injury-caused appearences on the Spread Offense.
Stats: 13 starts, 365 min. 43 tackles, 1FF. 49 rec yards.
Awards: CEN PENNANT s25. VICTORY BOWL winner s25.
Career Highlight: 38 yd breakaway pass reception v Shrivenham, s25 w4.
Pre-conversion Pro Potential: None.
Post-conversion Pro Potential: The magic 80-20 is very powerful. Maybe even low 3rd?

ROUND 3 pick 13 by Golden State Monarchs, League C
Comment: Nice to see a deserving hard working journeyman get a chance in The Show.

OT Rastus Odinga ODINGA
L6 39-50-00 Quality
L3 35-65-00 Q
Off-field: Elected for Wolverhampton Southwest, Enoch Powell's old constituency, hailed as a 'victory for darkie power'. Don't shoot the messenger, it really does say that in the MPFC script.
On-field: Shockingly unresponsive to coaching, immune to ingames, gained only one level despite over 20 apps. Almost totally ineffective pass blocker. Fortunately with SSS on the team, not that much was needed.
Stats: 12 starts. 22 apps. 356 mins.
Awards: CEN PENNANTS s24, s25. VICTORY BOWL winner s25.
Career Highlight: Being on the same field as Smith-Smith-Smith.
Pre-conversion Pro Potential: Only if Quality.
Post-conversion Pro Potential: Lost Quality, lost only 3 levels, so may get picked up for a Goal Line Offense or strong special teamer.

Comment: A lot depends on his first year progress. Deserves a chance.

Shocking oversights by Draft selection committee

L9 60-00-27 Journeyman
Off-field: Went to a Soho magazine shop hoping to find books about Devon and Cornwall Church Architecture, but instead bought 'Lord Lieutenant in Nylons' then, and these two copies of 'Piggie Parade'.
On-field: A model journeyman, putting the rest to even more shame. Starter for almost 2 seasons, adaptable to NB, big-play capable.
Stats: 18 start VETERAN. 60 tackles, 5 INTs, 1FF.
Awards: CEN PENNANT s25. VICTORY BOWL starter/winner s25.
Career Highlight: 5 tackles & 2 sacks v HEL, s26 w9.
Pre-conversion Pro Potential: Mid-low rounds.
Post-conversion Pro Potential:

Comment: The most shocking oversight of the season, and the first level 9 in Monterey History not to be selected (bar the debacle of L12 OB Cliff Morgan in s13).

Pythons salute these worthy college journeymen not selected for draft:

- none -

[size=150][b][i]Journeymen who were selected for Draft, but were wasting their time there

L6 37-48-00 Journeyman
L2 35-65-00 J
Off-field: Reached the final of the Olympic Hide-and-Seek championships - competed against Fransico Huron.
On-field: Starter as a senior but was humiliated by having DT Bovril being preferred as RE much of the time. Journeymen rarely reach great levels, but Robert didn't even manage to build a good QST.
Stats: 11 starts. 17 apps. 307 mins. 26 tackles, 6 sacks.
Awards: CEN PENNANT s25.
Career Highlight: 6 tackles v TAU, s26 w4.
Pre-conversion Pro Potential: None.
Post-conversion Pro Potential: None.


DTs Prologue:
Post-season 22, the Python Coaches decided a hard push for a Nose Tackle was needed in recruiting.
They took the unprecedented step of recruiting three. ALL were journeymen. Worse - all three have been utter garbage in coaching gaining only 1 level each, and not one of them developed a strength over 40.
So bad, that all three of them were unpreferred to a Junior DE on the DL.
In a shocking drop of standards or failure of quality control, all three Lemons went into the Draft lists!!! Guess what happened then..?

L6 43-42-00 Journeyman
L2 50-50-00 J
Off-field: Wigan-born humanist, broadcaster, lecturer and author of the books 'Hello Sailor' and 'The Problems of Kierkegaard', visiting Professor of Modern Theological Philosophy at the University of East Anglia.
Instead of discussing the existence or non-existence of God with Monsignor Edward Gay, decided to fight for it.
On-field: More field time that any of the 'three lemons', and somehow got a start in 10 games in s26.
Stats: 11 starts. 26 apps. 362 mins. 43 tackles, 1FF, 2 sacks.
Awards: CEN PENNANTS s24 s25.
Career Highlight: 9 tackles v MSK, s26 w1.
Pre-conversion Pro Potential: None.
Post-conversion Pro Potential: None.


L6 38-42-00 Journeyman
L2 50-50-00 J
Off-field: Wrestler who fought 'The Killer' and ended up in bits 57in a bag.
On-field: Used a few times as backup. Just 1-2 coaching results could have got him a starting position, but he never responded.
Stats: 1 start. 11 apps. 8 tackles, 1 sack.
Awards: CEN PENNANT s25.
Career Highlight: 5 tackles v TAU, s26 w4.
Pre-conversion Pro Potential: None.
Post-conversion Pro Potential: None.


L6 47-33-00 Journeyman
L2 60-40-00 J
Off-field: Merchant Banker. His name is an anagram of.... Merchant Banker!
On-field: Occasional sitsub in long 8 due to 'high' quickness.
Stats: 1 start. 9 apps. 4 tackles, 2 sacks.
Awards: CEN PENNANT s25.
Career Highlight: None.
Pre-conversion Pro Potential: None.
Post-conversion Pro Potential:


Roster-filler rubbish expected to be powdering donuts by next season:

L6 23-19-38 Journeyman
Off-field: Went to a Mary (sic) Recruitment Office hoping to join the Women's Royal Army Corps, or an effeminate regiment.
On-field: Seemed to be making progress towards a FS potision but was rapidly overtaken by an Elite Sophomore.
Stats: 5 starts. 8 apps. 23 tackles, 2 sacks.
Awards: CEN PENNANT s25.
Career Highlight: 5 tackles & 2 sacks v HEL, s26 w9.
Pre-conversion Pro Potential: None.
Post-conversion Pro Potential: UNSELECTED

Dave Shepherd
Former HC, Jacksonville Academicals (GFL G2).
Former HC, Rockford Black Knights (GFL G3).
Head Coach, Monterey Pythons (GCAA).

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:01 pm 
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Posts: 321
League: GFL
Team: Birmingham Pistols
Location: Birmingham, UK
Manchester Red Storm Graduating Seniors

DE Dressel L14 65/25/0 (ATT,HST,SHO,TVI)
CB Dewey L13 51/0/34 (HS2,PER)
DE Eller L12 54/36

WR White L13 37/0/55 (FLE,PER)
DT Fussbar L11 42/39/0
CB Hammers L11 66/0/20
OG Oster L8 40/46/0 (FLE)
OLB Kolman L8 20/63/0

WR Johnson L10 32/0/64
DT Herrity L10 43/42/0 (SHO)
SF Porter-Jones L9 25/18/45
OLB Wealds L9 26/63/0 (HS2,MON)
CB Swift L9 54/0/40
QB Hoke L8 15/38/39 (CUP,EVA,LIP,RES)
OT Kingstone L8 40/50/0 (PBL)

Colin Fisher
Birmingham Pistols (GFL-AFC West) - S26 onwards
Birmingham Bears (GFLA-MFC West) - S21 - S25
Manchester Red Storm (GCAA-DSC) - S15 onwards
Birmingham Red Bulls (GFLE-BFC South) - S12-S20

PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:56 pm 

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Posts: 530
League: Delta
Team: La Jolla Lonestars
Location: Raleigh, NC
Newhaven Dockers S26 Seniors

DE Bunson L15 65-0-26 (ATT, FRE, SHO, TVI)
DT Hornsmith L7 32-0-52
DT Puck L7 32-0-53

Bunson should make for a high end first round pick, especially if the Elite tag holds. The other guys were a coaching wasteland they will not be missed.

OB Starr L18 20-76-0 (HS2, SHO) Ironman
CB Liu L13 76-0-19 (RET)
OG Kermit L12 24-56-0 (SHO)
IB Zazu L12 0-27-57 (MON)
DE Wriston L9 65-21-0 (DIS, SHO, TVI)
SF Jack L6 32-23-25

Starr was without question the best Quality player I've ever had (and probably the best player period). Had I been able to pair him with last season's offensive line, he could have been on of the best all-time. He will be missed dearly.

Journeymen of Note
RS CB Culmer L9 57-0-23 (FLE, HST)
C Barbacoa L8 32-40-8 (FLE, PBL, SHO)
OB Wetzel L8 29-51-0
OB Coppola L8 20-60-0

Aaron Sanford
La Jolla Lonestars, Delta (S14-)
Fire Swamp Stallions, Atantic (S26-)
Newhaven Dockers, GCAA (S22-)

PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:46 pm 
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Croxley Green S26 Class

Mickelson WR 19 64 0 30 Pick 4 in GFLE
Hoylake CB 18 57 0 29 Pick 6 in GFLC
Beef TE 14 40 20 31 Pick 37 in GFLB

Mickelson and Hoylake should be first rounders.

Troon OT 16 40 48 0 Pick 39 in GFLC
Carnoustie CB 14 62 0 20 Pick 34 in GFLA
Little OG 12 53 40 0 Pick 88 in GFL
Henley C 12 21 60 11 Pick 42 in GFLD
Beem RB 11 29 37 20 Pick 70 in GFLD
Sparks DE 11 57 40 0 Pick 64 in GFLB

Carnoustie should be round one if he keeps his Q rating.

Stenson IB 8 0 17 63
Driver OB 8 36 44 0

Nothing to see here.

CFC East Winners 10,11,12,18,19,20

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:35 am 
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Joined: Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:44 pm
Posts: 741
League: Atlantic
Team: Amazon + Boane
Boane's class of S26


IB Basheroses L18 0/23/66 (DIS,RES) - must be Rd1 material
IB Smartillos L13 0/13/80 - perfect T should see him rd 1/2
OT Brazzillas L13 56/29/0 (HST,PBL) - depends on keeping E and Quickness, could be Rd 1/2


RB Western L13 51/22/7 (GHA,RZO,SHA,WEL) - was injured , nearly red shirted, could go high if converts well
WR Inglorius L12 48/0/43 (DIS,TIR) - useful player to have maybe R2/3
TE Zapperman L6 34/31/26 - not used as W-H kept him out
OT Havavaneros L16 60/40/0 (DIS,FRE,PBL) - quickness could get him in R1
DE Riverollos L17 65/35/0 (ATT) - perfect QST, next Sacking Star R1
OB Billios L10 29/64/0 (RES) - low level , keeps Q & strength could be R2/3

Journeymen:- (level 6+)
RB Spoonful L7 28/32/20 (GHA)
OG Earnerd L8 38/62/0
OG Fleafart L8 32/48/0 (FLE)
OB Daviollis L6 28/52/0
Sullrillos L7 20/60/0


Amazon Anacondas - GFLA - "Go West" Division - Bowl winners S15, CFC Champs S13,14,15
Boane GCAA - CEN

PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:27 am 

Joined: Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:23 pm
Posts: 936
League: GFL
Team: Alameda Mustangs
Location: Central Coast, Australia
Southern Cross Graduating Seniors S26:

Excellent class this year (especially the quality guys for QST specialism and levels); if they all convert as hoped for/expected we could be looking at about seven R1s (which would be our best class ever).
Given we had an unbeaten season this would be the icing on the cake for Southern Cross. Another Dust Bowl (6th win out of 7 appearances) and AAC Pennant (6th) added to our collection.

None of these guys gained more than two levels this season, with the exception of Muller who got +3 in-game levels. Only Freeman gained a level from direct coaching.

E Level 9 (Q54 S26 T0) 76cm 276lb - OG Hynek (PBL) - Ironman who hardly made the field this season on either side of the ball, but featured more in S25.
E Level 13 (Q64 S21 T0) 80cm 286lb - OT Nelson - Blue Chip OT who ended the season playing DE and a solid addition to SCU's reputation for outstanding OTs.
E Level 19 (Q22 S69 T0) 74cm 224lb - OB Muller - (DIS HS2 MON SHO) OB who ended up carrying the offense this season at FB as he excelled in the role at the expense of HB Gunn.

Q Level 13 (Q52 S14 T31) 73cm 197lb - RB Gunn(GHA WEL) - HB groomed to spearhead the offense this season but Coach Stevens felt he wasn't up to the task alone and moved Muller to FB to assist.
Q Level 14 (Q37 S59 T0) 77cm 287lb - OG Carlstrom (PBL) - Key OG who moonlighted as a DT in 4 man DLs against strong running opponents.
Q Level 13 (Q65 S21 T0) 79cm 274lb - OT Reeves (FLE, PBL, WEL) - Blue Chip OT who ended the season playing DE and a solid addition to SCU's reputation for outstanding OTs.
Q Level 13 (Q17 S64 T0) 80cm 247lb - DT Milne (FRE HS2 SHO WEL) - Absolute rock at NT and critical defensive player (probably my defensive MVP for S26).
Q Level 15 (Q0 S8 T77) 73cm 228lb - IB Freeman (DIS MON RES TRA) - Heart of the defense playing the vital MLB role in the 4-3. Yet another IB stud produced by SCU that should prove popular in the draft.
Q Level 6 (Q70 S0 T29) 73cm 207lb - CB Blumenthal - Despite his level and lack of response to coaching, Blumenthal was still a key part of the defense and special teams, called on often to return and cover.

J Level 5 (Q28 S36 T16) 74cm 279lb - C Payne-Gaposchkin - Special Teams only.
J Level 6 (Q40 S40 T0) 75cm 230lb - DE Rowan-Robinson - Special Teams only.
J Level 10 (Q20 S60 T0) 72cm 224lb - OB Thorsett (FRE RES) - SCU's most successful Journeyman ever (from memory) who was a key part of our run defense this season.

GFLB Central Coast Surfers (S8-S11) 34-6 (2-3)
GFLA Lacedaemon Spartans (S12-S22) 75-35 (4-8)
GFL Alameda Mustangs (S23-) 15-25 (0-2)
GCAA Southern Cross (S13-) 105-35 (8-4)

PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 3:16 pm 

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Posts: 450
League: Atlantic
Team: Salopian Sonics
Location: Shrewsbury , Shropshire
Miskatonic Graduating Seniors:

OB Wray - L18 (34/61/0) Ironman
WR Shortbent - L18 (56/0/31)
DT Lemettre - L13 (36/45/0)
DT Massy - L18 (26/59/0)

RB Greenbaugh - L12 (53/18/11)
C Dubois - L13 (31/38/11)
IB Netley - L13 (0/20/60)
S Hodgkinson - L11 (40/25/15)


WR Slipton - L11 (55/0/25)
CB Jankow - L11 (61/0/19)

Chris Hose
Salopian Sonics
GFLA MFC East Champs S6, S12 & S14

PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 8:12 pm 
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Joined: Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:26 pm
Posts: 132
New Jersey...

WR Dickens L11 24/0/57
OT Mendez L12 65/28/0
IB Bright L13 0/44/52

WR Beaty L10 39/0/41
C Sorensen L10 24/60/7
OG Ellsworth L8 38/42/0
DT Ackley L12 44/44/0
CB Baird L10 63/0/27
CB Hitt L11 40/0/47


Julian Pardoe
Rockford Black Knights - GFL
New Jersey Royals - GCAA

PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:57 pm 

Joined: Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:22 pm
Posts: 145
League: GFL
Team: Venice Armadillos
Venice's graduating seniors (L8+) as follows - the 3 elites obviously key to our Blue Ribbon run. Not as much depth as some other years perhaps at senior level, but Dapples, Suhey and Junior OG Binturong gave Zeus acres to run in and let us stack up the points on offense, covering up some weaker starters at other positions on both sides of the ball.

OG Dapples L20 37/44/0 (PBL) - a beast at Level 20, created huge holes for our running game, hopefully a L9 elite-type in the pros
SF (RB) Zeus L19 31/45/23 (FRE, HAW, HS2, WEL) - second highest single season all-time rushing the ball this season, the driving force behind the team's success for sure
CB Eagle L13 80/0/18 (FLE) - the lone star of the defensive backfield with Zeus playing all season on offense

Both Dapples and Zeus were very lucky with +4 worth of in-game pops this time around.....

OC Suhey L13 20/58/6 (PBL, SHO) - should make a decent pro, anchored our line well for Zeus this season
DE Da Bosa L12 53/27/0 (SHO, TVI) - if he converts to a 60Q-type player, then could have a good pro career
OT Jackpot L11 50/40/0 (PBL) - again if he converts to 60Q-type player, then could have a good pro career
WR Lore L10 26/0/58 (HST, SHO)
OC Knight L9 40/45/11 (HST, SHO)

WR Watson L8 45/0/35 - low round pick if he makes the pros at all
SF Gonzo L8 24/16/40 (SHO)
CB Orange L8 50/0/30

GFL Venice Armadillos - Superbowl Champion s19 & s24 & s25, AFC Champion s20 & s23
GFL Continental Venice Destruction - Bowl Champions s14 & s15, UFC Champion s13
GCAA - Venice Giudecca - Blue Ribbon winner s23 & s25 & s26, runner-up s20 & s22

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 12:33 am 
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League: Atlantic
Team: St Paul Snow Bears
Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
Here's the list of Mars' Seniors who made an impact.

Elites - A fortunate grouping of Elites that all played crucial roles in our Blue Ribbon bid.
QB Brannigan L11 39/47/11 (L5 20/60/20 Q)- never came close to the level I would have liked but always had excellent QSTs.
OT Titanic L17 57/36/0 (L8 65/35/0 E)- 31 career starts. Highest level Mars player ever. Poor QST gains his senior year but had +4 in-game gains. Has potential to be a top pick in the pros
CB Knost L16 74/0/26 (L8 75/0/25 Q) - Started the season with 71 Q. Huge impact on the offense as a Senior and could be a top shut down corner in the pros.

SF Elzar L17 27/18/48 (L8 25/20/55 Q)- Tied with Titanic as highest level Mars player. 63 Tackles as a Senior and potential top Pro pick.
WR Kroker L13 64/0/26 (L7 80/0/20 J) - Ironman who played SE, CB, KR, PR. Played most of Senior year with a C injury and was still a key component of our success. A long shot to sneak into the back-end of the 1st round
DT Apua'A L11 42/49/0 (L5 40/60/0 J) - It's all in the QST conversion for his Pro career.
DE Beamen L9 40/40/0 (L5 55/45/0 J)

CB Binoli L8 47/0/33
WR Ross L8 44/0/51
OT Kenney L8 41/48/0 (L4 45/55/0 J)

Pete Karle
St. Paul Snow Bears - Atlantic S24-Present
Brooklyn Park Bombers - Continental S18-Present
Mars University - GCAA S21-Present

Last edited by Karle on Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:38 am, edited 1 time in total.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:34 am 
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Joined: Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:44 am
Posts: 886
League: GFL
Team: Arizona Gunslingers
Location: Hitchin, Herts, UK
Very much a defensive graduating class this season.


SF Lloyd lvl 15 29/12/39
SF Cole lvl 15 52/12/16
CB Deacon lvl 15 63/0/17


C Under lvl 12 44/38/9
DE Zane lvl 12 46/34/0
DT Kia lvl 12 43/37/0
SF Skylor lvl 14 25/12/43
CB Jay lvl 13 61/0/19
CB Kiafor lvl 9 61/0/19


QB Jitsu lvl 10 17/31/32
WR Deadman lvl6 31/0/49
WR Noman lvl 6 32/0/48
DE Quickman lvl 7 40/40/0

Arizona Gunslingers in the GFL S21 -present
BigSky Hitchin Roughriders S14-S20 - PFC Conf. Winners S14 S15 S20, SkyBowl Wins S15 S20
GCAA - UCS, GO Unicorns!! S16 - present - Victory Bowl Winners S24
Conference Membership: Great8 S16-S17, ECC S18-22, AAC S23-

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:42 am 
All State

Joined: Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:25 pm
Posts: 32
League: Delta
Team: York centurions
Ottawa -

Villegas - QB - L13 E

Turney - WR - L16 E
Best - WR - L12 Q

Viera - TE - L8 J

Lawhorn - C - L12 Q

Benjamin - OT - L15 E
Soares - OT - L10 Q

Cousins - DE - L13 Q

Sheffield - DT - L14 Q

Mares - SF - L11 Q

Coats - CB - L9 J


PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:46 am 
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Joined: Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:29 pm
Posts: 561
League: Big Sky
Team: Southern Statesmen
Location: Cornwall
Notable Seniors graduating from Malazan State University;


DE Hamilton - Level 16 - 42/38/0

IB Morrison - Level 11 - 0/36/44

K Batten - Level 10 - 0/50/50


IB Stephen - Level 12 - 0/26/54

S Ferraro - Level 12 - 24/40/16

Not a great class, but high hopes for next season's graduating class.

Malazan State University
"Go Bonehunters"

Southern Statesmen
LFC East Champions S11,12,13,15
LFC Champions S12,15

PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:34 am 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:25 pm
Posts: 161
League: Atlantic
Team: Maridunum Magpies
Location: Carmarthen
Notable seniors departing Lone Star this season are:

Targaryen DE L12 Elite – chance to make it in the pros as a fierce pass rusher.
Frey DT L11 Elite – plenty of strength which will hopefully convert well.
Mormont ILB L11 Quality – should convert to a nice pass defending LB.
Pentos S L13 Quality – came on well this year and likely to find a slot as SS.
Myrish S L12 Quality – another one destined for SS

Not the greatest of graduating seniors but coaching staff hopeful of more successful years to come.

Maridunum Magpies

CFC East Winners S14, S16, S21-S26

UWCC Cobras, GCAA S21-23
Salem Knightmare, GCAA S24
Lone Star State, GCAA S25-

PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:28 pm 
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Joined: Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:33 am
Posts: 157
League: Atlantic
Team: Death Valley Warriors
Death Valley Seniors

WR Reed Elite L16
TE Foggy Elite L12
DE Tipple Elite L15

QB Margaux Quality L8 - zero pops of either kind in the season :(
RB Studwell Quality L12
OG Robson Quality L12
OT Tiddlesley Quality L15
SF Cirrus Quality L13
CB Silent Quality L13

Death Valley Black Knights


PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 3:23 pm 

Joined: Sat Dec 26, 2015 9:39 am
Posts: 18
League: Continental
Team: Thunder Bay Rabid Beavers
East Devon graduating seniors

QB Raksha L8 22/29/29 Q EVA, LIP, SBL, TIR
RB Kosigin L8 26/30/24 Q GHA
WR Doherty L8 54/0/26 Q SHO, WEL
C Grahn L12 40/29/11 E (Pro interest)
OG Gabbard L9 45/35/0 Q DIS, HS2, WEL
OG Woodson L8 35/35/0 Q PBL, SHO, WEL (Ironman)
DT Bhagger L11 36/44/0 E ATT (Pro interest)
CB Bakunin L13 64/0/16 E FRE, RET (Pro interest)

TE Milner 30/24/26 J AC1, FLE
IB Foucauly 0/17/63 J MON
SF Vandyke L9 25/36/19 J DIS, MON

PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 1:55 pm 
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Joined: Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:08 am
Posts: 324
League: Atlantic
Team: Wimbledon Razorbacks
Oxford had 2 WRs which is proud of:

WR Roscoe - L15 63/0/17 Elite
WR Rafferty - L11 69/0/16 Elite

Everyone else was run of the mill.

My highest ranking player at end of season is a Junior at L17. Let's hope they can get a bag full of in-game pops next season!


MFC West Legend
GFLA One-Time Silver Bowl Winner (yay!)

PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:27 pm 
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Joined: Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:32 am
Posts: 944
League: GFL
Team: Colombus Canons
Location: Severn Valley, UK
Nashua and Hudson graduating Seniors S26

Mc Hutch DE L18 42/42/0 veteran Elite Dis HS2 Smo TvOS

Avery S L17 28/18/34 Vet Elite Per Res Pros scouting

Roegge CB L15 63/0/17 veteran Elite ironman Fre Res, Pros scouting

Croom CB L13 59/0/21 Veteran Elite Per Res

Brown WR L9 66/0/24 HighEx Quality Fre Hst Per Sho Pros scouting

Estrada WR L11 70/0/23 Veteran Quality Dis Wel

Aiono C L726/51/8 Veteran Quality Fre

Cooper DE L8 48/32/0 Veteran Quality

Hobbs S L8 24/25/31 Inexper Quality

Swann CB L8 56/0/24 Untried Quality

<img src="" >

PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:55 pm 

Joined: Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:43 am
Posts: 95
This seasons graduates from North Herts Tech, starters high lighted in blue:

QB Turner L6 32/32/24 J
Made a significant contribution, despite his level and stats.
Threw for 102/162 for 1481 Yards and 14TD

Also made 348 yards from 82 carries and 7TD

RB Teley L6 32/32/16 J

RB Mugliston L6 31/12/23 J

WR Foster L12 25/0/55 Q
94 receptions for 1199 yards and 12 TD

WR Morgan-Owen L9 48/0/32 Q
37 receptions for 681 yards and 6 TD
Also averaged 29.63 yards on KR and 14.33 on PR

TE McIver L7 28/24/28

OC Day L14 41/25/14 E
Started all 10 games this season. Rock at the heart of a solid offensive line

OG Brsley L11 27/53/0 Q
Starting OG for the past two seasons. Solid run blocker.

OG Allen L6 40/40/0

OT Bache L12 38/42/0 Q
Started all 10 games this season.

DE Symes L8 44/36/0 J
13 sacks and 37 tackles for the season

DT Gent L14 38/46/0 E
This is the guy all the scouts have been talking about. Frenzied interest from the pros.
99 tackles, 4 FF, 5 sacks

DT Parker L6 40/40/0 J

IB Fosdick L12 0/10/70 Q
50 tackles, 4 INT and a TD

OB Croft L9 29/51/0 Q
35 tackles

SF Garvie L5 30/43/22 J
Started all 10 games at SS.
45 tackles, 2 INT, 3 Sacks and a safety

CB Wearn L8 72/0/19 J
25 tackles, 1 INT. Averaged 30.22 yards on KR

K Higgins L9 0/50/50 Q
led the team in points scored with 118

P Maxwell L7 0/50/50 J
Average 38.82 yards per attempt


MFC West Champions Seasons XII, XIII, XIV

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